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Our Team Philosophy

Buying or selling a home can be a tedious, emotional and unpredictable process, but having someone you can trust to guide you through each step is important. We carefully "listen" to our client's goals and wishes, have the experience to negotiate on our client's behalf, have the knowledge to research the market & interpret the vast amount of data and information available and have the systems in place to make the entire process run smoothly.

Whether buying or selling a home, we have the knowledge and foresight to anticipate potential issues and then help navigate a buyer or seller through the process to bring them to that desired happy ending.


In a time where many Realtors are minimizing their marketing efforts, I believe in providing new and relevant marketing tools to enhance the service that I provide to my clients.

To keep the lines of communication open between myself and my clients, they have an "internet service portal" for their personal listing or closing that keeps them abreast of all the activities that I am performing on their behalf. They can check it every day or every hour!

My job in representing my clients begins with a handshake. Then there are the many activities that must be performed daily until we reach that happy ending when they buy or sell a home. But, in my mind, my job never ends. When a past client needs a painter, plumber or electrician several years after closing, they can give me a call. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

You can preview more than 100,000 properties here and they are updated hourly. So please accept this invitation to visit often!  If you ever have question or comments, my personal number is 336-682-7653 or email to sold@pamboyle.com.